David Mellman, PhD

Graduation: 09/2008
Advisor: Anderson, Richard
Current Position: Licensing Associate in the Life Sciences
Stevens Center for Innovation
University of Southern California
Research Interest: Intellectual property
Email:  dmellman (at) stevens (dot) usc (dot) edu

Alumni News

  • 2009: David started law school at William Mitchell Law School in St. Paul, MN on August 2009. He plans on specializing in Intellectual Property. Coupling a JD with a PhD will enable David to have two languages, science and law, which will allow him to communicate effectively and in a persuasive manner as it comes to intellectual property concerning biotech and biopharma. Moreover, once he gets into the field of law, he will be able to do more than just patent law in biotech. Once he gets into the field he will have expertise in intellectual property law and patent law on a big picture, and trademarks and licensing on many levels.
  • David is now a patent attorney in Tampa, FL