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Employment Opportunities with MCP Faculty

Photo of post-doc working in lab

Predoctoral and Postdoctoral positions in Michelle Kimple's Lab

Dr. Michelle Kimple has employment opportunities for predoctoral and postdoctoral candidates. Please contact Dr. Kimple at for further information.

Dr. Michelle Kimple is looking for a post-doctoral research associate to join her team studying dysfunctional cell signaling pathways in diabetic beta-cells in both type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, and how these pathways can be targeted with new and improved therapeutics and/or dietary interventions. The particular project for this post-doctoral associate for the first year will be to determine the optimal timing for diet modifications in a mouse model of type 2 diabetes, with the goal of determining whether dysfunctionally up-regulated prostaglandin synthesis is playing a role in disease pathophysiology and whether this can be reduced non-pharmaceutically. In addition, the incumbent would optimize the mass spectrometric analysis of human plasma samples to quantify levels of prostaglandins and other arachidonic acid metabolites, correlating them with measures of beta-cell function. These model systems and methods could serve as the foundation for a highly-productive postdoctorate, but opportunities to become involved in other aspects of our research program will always be available and encouraged for the motivated candidate.

To apply for this position, please contact Dr. Kimple at and provide your statement of interest, CV, and the contact information for three references. For more information on Dr. Kimple's research program, please click here.

Post-Doc in Tibbetts Lab

Dr. Randal Tibbetts has one post-doc position to study the interface between DNA damage signaling and metabolism using cellular and mouse models. Please contact Dr. Tibbetts at or at (608) 262-0027 for further information.

Post-Doc in Spiegelman Lab

Dr. Vladimir Spiegelman has a position for a postdoctoral fellow immediately available at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health at Madison, WI. Our research interests focus on the regulation of RNA turnover, its role in the regulation of signal transduction and its outcome for tumor development.

Applicants should have a Ph.D. degree with a strong background in biochemistry, molecular biology, signal transduction, cell biology, or related disciplines. Applicants should have demonstrated scientific productivity, good interpersonal and communication skills, and be able to conduct independent research.

Please send a copy of your CV, a brief statement of research interests, and contact information for three referees to:

Vladimir S. Spiegelman, M.D., Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin Medical School
1300 University Ave., B-25
Madison, WI 53706

Phone: (608) 265-8197

Post-Doc in Bresnick Lab

Dr. Emery Bresnick currently has postdoc positions available. The Bresnick group is recruiting one or two postdoctoral fellows with strong backgrounds in molecular and cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, or relevant fields. A major area of interest involves understanding how genetic networks that control developmental processes, for example stem/progenitor cell differentiation into blood cells, are established and regulated in normal and disease states. Multiple mechanisms are in place to maximize training opportunities.

Emery H. Bresnick, Ph.D., Professor
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research
Room 4009, L4
1111 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI 53705
TEL: 608-265-6446

Postdoctoral Positions with Dr. Xuelin Lou

Applicants with a strong background in electrophysiology (patch-clamp) or optical nano-imaging (PALM/STORM/TIRF) are preferred; Applicants should demonstrate a record of research creativity and have no more than 3 years of postdoctoral experience. Please send 1) your curriculum vitae (CV), 2) a brief (1~2 pages) description of your future research plan, and 3) three letters of reference by email to:

Synaptic Biology and Membrane Trafficking with Dr. Xuelin Lou

Graduate students who are interested in synaptic biology and membrane trafficking are welcome to apply via UW-Madison graduate programs. For lab rotation, please direct contact me at Highly motivated undergraduates are also welcome to apply by email.