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Our Faculty

Below is a list of faculty involved in the Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Training Program, along with their department affiliation and a description of their current research. Click on each faculty member's name to find contact information and learn more about their interests and research.

Faculty Member Department Research Focus
Elaine Alarid Elaine T. Alarid Oncology Molecular mechanisms of steroid hormone action
amann Kurt Amann Zoology A molecular understanding of the mechanisms underlying cell structure and motility
anderson Richard A. Anderson Administration Molecular mechanisms regulating cell migration, proliferation, and differentiation; Implications for cancer
Anjon Audhya Anjon Audhya Biomolecular Chemistry Molecular mechanisms that regulate membrane trafficking during development
Ravi Balijepalli Ravi Balijepalli Cardiology

Compartmentalized regulation of cardiac ion channels and signaling, Cardiac arrhythmia mechanisms, Hypertrophy and Heart Failure


David Beebe

Biomedical Engineering Exploring a variety of engineered in vitro microenvironments to probe the nature of cell interactions that regulate cell behavior.

William Bement


Zoology Cytoskeleton controls over cell division and wound healing
Emery H. Bresnick Cell & Regenerative Biology Stem Cell Biology, Molecular Hematology, and Vascular Biology: From Fundamental Mechanisms to Translational Medicine
burkhard Mark Burkard Medicine Targeted therapy directed at protein kinases
chanda Baron Chanda Neuroscience Mechanisms of modulation of voltage-dependent gating in ion channels
Edwin Chapman Edwin R. Chapman Neuroscience Molecular Mechanisms that Underlie Neuronal Exocytosis
Collier Lara Collier Pharmacy Genetics of tumor initiation, progression and therapy resistance
Vincent Cryns Vincent Cryns Medicine Abnormalities in cell death contribute to the pathogenesis of cancer and obesity and in translating these insights into improved therapies
Cynthia Czajkowski Cynthia Czajkowski Neuroscience Structure and Function of Neurotransmitter Receptors
denu John Denu Biomolecular Chemistry Mechanism and biological function of reversible protein modifications involved in modulating signal transduction, chromatin dynamics and gene activation
Ge Ying Ying Ge Cell and Regenerative Biology Cardiac Systems Biology; Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms in Heart Failure; Cardiac Regenerative Biology and Medicine
gould Michael N. Gould Oncology Basic and Translational Research in Breast Cancer
Daniel Greenspan Daniel S. Greenspan Cell & Regenerative Biology Modulation of BMP signaling and formation of the extracellular matrix scaffolding in development and tissue remodeling.
Troy Hornberger Jeffrey D. Hardin Zoology Epithelial migration and embryonic development
Melissa Harrison Melissa Harrison Biomolecular Chemistry

Molecular mechanisms driving the initial wave of gene expression in the totipotent cells of the early embryo.

Troy Hornberger Troy Hornberger Comparative Biosciences Skeletal muscles sense mechanical information and convert this stimulus into the molecular events that regulate changes in muscle mass
Anna Huttenlocher Medical Microbiology Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms that Regulate Cell Migration; Implications to Tumor Invasion and Metastasis and Inflammation
Jackson small Meyer B. Jackson Neuroscience Synaptic Transmission in Central Nervous Systems
Jefcoate small Colin R. Jefcoate Cell & Regenerative Biology Physiological Mechanisms Associated with P450 Cytochromes
johnson Jeffrey Johnson Pharmacy Molecular Neuropharmacology/Neurotoxicology
Jorgensen small Joan Jorgensen Veterinary Medicine

Identify genes that are sexually dimorphic during sex differentiation, characterize their functional significance, and understand how they are regulated

kalejta Robert Kalejta Oncology and Molecular Virology Mechanisms of human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) replication and pathogenesis
kalin Ned Kalin Psychiatry Neurobiological basis of fear, anxiety, and depression at preclinical and clinical levels

Timothy J. Kamp


Cardiac ion channels and embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyoctyes


Patricia Keely Cell and Regenerative biology

Cellular interactions with the extracellular matrix in breast cancer research

Judith Kimble Judith Kimble Biochemistry Germline stemcells (GSCs) and their regulation in the nematode C. elegans
Michelle Kimple Michelle Kimple

Medicine (Diabetes/ Metabolism)

Guanine Nucleotide Binding Proteins, pancreatic beta-cell biology, insulin secretion, diabetes pathophysiology

kimple small Randall Kimple Human Oncology

Modulation of therapeutic response by human papillomavirus (HPV) oncoproteins

Pamela Kreeger Pamela Kreeger Biomedical Engineering Systems biology to identify treatment approaches for ovarian cancer and endometriosis
Youngsook Lee Youngsook Lee Cell & Regenerative Biology Molecular mechanisms regulating cardiovascular development and disease.
Bo Liu Bo Liu Surgery Molecular mechanism underlying vascular inflammation, molecular mechanism underlying occlusive vascular diseases, and development of new materials for biomedical applications
Bo Liu Xuelin Lou Neuroscience Development and function of central nerve terminals and neural circuits
Kristyn Masters Thomas F.J. Martin Biochemistry Molecular Approach to Exocytosis of Neurotransmitters
Kristyn Masters Kristyn Masters Biomedical Engineering Issues in cell-material interactions in order to create 'smarter', bioactive materials that are capable of directing cell function
Miyamoto small Shigeki Miyamoto Oncology Rel/NF-kB Transcription Factors
William Murphy Deane F. Mosher Biomolecular Chemistry Biochemistry of Cell Adhesion and Movement
William Murphy William F. Murphy Biomedical Engineering Bioinspired Non-Covalent Assembly of Materials
pagliarini David Pagliarini Biochemistry Mitochondrial biogenesis and metabolism; cell signaling; proteomics
Luigi PUglielli J. Wesley Pike Biochemistry Transcriptional mechanisms of steroid hormone action in the skelton
Luigi Puglielli Luigi Puglielli Medicine Lipid signaling in the aging brain and molecular pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease
r Ron Raines Biochemistry Chemical biology, protein design and engineering, enzymology
Rapraeger small Alan C. Rapraeger Human Oncology Syndecan regulation of cell adhesion and growth factor signaling
k Avtar Roopra Neuroscience Understand the epigenetic mechanisms behind transcriptional regulation and chromatin structure
lixin Rui Lixin Rui Hematology & Oncology

The mechanisms of the JAK-STAT signaling pathway in lymphomagenesis, investigation of the F-box protein FBXO10

saha small Krishanu Saha Biomedical Engineering Using human stem cells together with emerging engineering methods in material science and synthetic biology
Nathan Sherer Linda Schuler Comparative Biosciences

Researches role of hormones in the development and progression of breast cancer

Nathan Sherer Nathan Sherer Virology & Oncology HIV-1 assembly and spread; host-pathogen interactions; retroviral gene regulation; virus trafficking; cell-cell communication; live cell imaging
spiegelman Vladimir Spiegelman Dermatology Molecular mechanism of cancer development and progression
Rupa Sridharan Rupa Sridharan Cell and Regenerative Biology Epigenetics of cell fate change
Striker Small Robert Striker Medical Microbiology & Immunology Working on naturally occurring and lab generated mutants in the polymerase affects fidelity, replication, and processivity.
svaren John Svaren Comparative Biosciences Role of EGR and NAB proteins in peripheral nerve myelination
thomson James A. Thomson Cell & Regenerative Biology Focusing on understanding how a cell can maintain or change identity,and how a cell chooses between self-renewal and the initial decision to differentiate, among other cell related potentials.
Randal S. Tibbetts Human Oncology Genome Surveillance; DNA Damage-Induced Signal Transduction
wassarman David A. Wassarman Cell & Regenerative Biology Mechanisms underlying neurodegeneration
Beth A. Weaver Cell & Regenerative Biology Regulation of chromosome segregation during mitosis
wheeler Deric Wheeler Oncology Mechanisms of resistance to targeted therapies
Xing Yongna Xing Oncology Cell signaling pathways related to cancer
Wei Xu Wei Xu Oncology Transcriptional regulation of estrogen receptor (ER) signaling pathways
Yang Jay Yang Anesthesiology Basic mechanisms of clinically relevant problems such as pathological pain, heart failure (diabetic cardiomyopathy), and sepsis using cellular, molecular, and electrophysiological techniques.
Yin Jerry Yin Genetics (Medicine) Molecular genetics of learning and memory formation in Drosophila and mice (molecular neurobiology, nervous system function and dysfunction)
zhang Su-Chun Zhang Anatomy
Working on how functionally diversified neuronal and glial subtypes are born in the making of our human brain.
Xinyu Zhao Xinyu Zhao Neuroscience Focusing on understanding the molecular mechanisms that regulate neural stem cells and neurodevelopment with the goal of applying this knowledge in the treatment of neurological disorders and injuries