Haichuan Duan, PhD

Graduation: 03/2007
Advisor: Jefcoate, Colin
Current Position: Acting Instructor/Research Associate
Department of Pharmaceutics
School of Pharmacy
University of Washington
Research Interest: Post-transcriptional regulation of the Steroidogenic Acute Regulatory Protein (StAR) gene and its link to cholesterol metabolism
Email: hduan (at) u (dot) washington (dot) edu

Alumni News

  • About Haichuan Duan’s research: Highly motivated researcher with strong background in pharmacokinetics/ADME, pharmacology, signal transduction and molecular/cellular biology. Years of hands-on experience with in vitro cell culture and in vivo mouse models in pharmacokinetic research. Highly analytical with strong problem-solving skills and independent research capabilities. Demonstrate excellent leadership in steering projects and the ability to collaborate with peer scientists.
  • Specialties: Pharmacokinetics, ADME, Drug Transporter, Bioassay Development, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Transgenic Mice, Cell Culture