Julie Sommer, PhD

Graduation: 11/2001
Advisor: Bertics, Paul
Current Position: Patent Specialsit
Vienna, Austria

Alumni News

  • Julie works at Intercell, which recently merged with Valneva (European biotech leader in vaccines and antibodies), as a Junior Patent Manager


  • Microsoft Office, Organizational, Strategic Planning, Budgeting


  • Aga M, Watters JJ, Pfeiffer ZA, Wiepz GJ, Sommer JA, and Bertics PJ (2004).Evidence for nucleotide receptor modulation of cross talk between MAP kinase and NF-kappa B signaling pathways in murine RAW 264.7 macrophages. Am J Physiol. 286:C923-30. PDF PMID:14684387
  • Guerra AN, Fisette PL, Pfeiffer ZA, Quinchia-Rios BH, Prabhu U, Aga M, Denlinger LC, Guadarrama AG, Abozeid S, Sommer JA, Proctor RA, and Bertics PJ (2003). Purinergic receptor regulation of LPS-induced signaling and pathophysiology. J Endotox Res. 9:256-63. PMID:12935357
  • Watters JJ, Sommer JA, Pfeiffer ZA, Prabhu U, Guerra AN, and Bertics PJ (2002). A differential role for the mitogen-activated protein kinases in lipopolysaccharide signaling: the MEK/ERK pathway is not essential for nitric oxide and interleukin 1beta production. J Biol Chem. 277:9077-87. PDFPMID:11786532
  • Denlinger LC, Sommer JA, Parker K, Gudipaty L, Fisette PL, Watters JW, Proctor RA, Dubyak GR, and Bertics PJ (2003). Mutation of a dibasic amino acid motif within the C terminus of the P2X7 nucleotide receptor results in trafficking defects and impaired function. J Immunol. 171:1304-11. PDF PMID:12874219
  • Denlinger LC, Fisette PL, Sommer JA, Watters JJ, Prabhu U, Dubyak GR, Proctor RA, and Bertics PJ (2001). Cutting edge: the nucleotide receptor P2X7 contains multiple protein- and lipid-interaction motifs including a potential binding site for bacterial lipopolysaccharide. J Immunol. 167:1871-6. PDFPMID:11489964
  • Sommer JA, Fisette PL, Hu Y, Denlinger LC, Guerra AN, Bertics PJ, and Proctor RA (1999). Purinergic receptor modulation of LPS-stimulated signaling events and nitric oxide release in RAW 264.7 macrophages. J Endotox Res. 5:70-74.
  • Denlinger LC, Garis KA, Sommer JA, Guadarrama AG, Proctor RA, and Bertics PJ (1998). Nuclear translocation of NF-kappaB in lipopolysaccharide-treated macrophages fails to correspond to endotoxicity: evidence suggesting a requirement for a gamma interferon-like signal. Infection & Immunity. 66:1638-47. PDF PMCID: PMC108099
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