Melissa Martowicz, PhD

Graduation: 06/2006
Advisor: Bresnick, Emery
Current Position: Director of Research and Development
Lytic Solutions, LLC
Madison, WI
Research Interest: Contact Melissa
Email: mlmartowicz (at) wisc (dot) edu


  • Lytic Solutions specializes in E.coli-produced single chain antibody (scFv) production and has provided research, support, and scFv products for pharmaceutical companies and DARPA agencies. Lytic’s in-house fed-batch fermentation capabilites can produce multiple gram quantities of properly folded and fully functional scFvs. We also offer custom protein expression and purification.


  • Mammalian cell culture, gene expression, real-time PCR, chromatin immunoprecipitation, Western blot analysis, BAC recombineering, human mesenchymal stem cell differentiation, siRNA, immunocytochemistry and protein purification.