Michelle (Perry) Vaughn, PhD

Graduation: 09/2010
Advisor: Berridge, Craig
Current Position: Project Manager
Centura Health
Aurora, CO
Research Interest: Identifying novel neuropharmacological pathways in the control of feeding

Alumni News

  • An update from Michelle about her current position at Centura Health in Colorado:
    • “I currently manage the project timeline for the implementation of the Electronic Health Record at the clinics within the Centura Health Physician Group. Specifically, I work with the physician practices to roll out CPOE and other electronic health systems to meet the needs of the company as well as the new legislature.”


  • Perry ML, Andrzejewski ME, Bushek SM, and Baldo BA (2010). Intra-accumbens infusion of a muscarinic antagonist reduces food intake without altering the incentive properties of food-associated cues. Behav Neurosci.124:44-54. PMCID: 2915843
  • Perry ML, Baldo BA, Andrzejewski ME, and Kelley AE (2009). Muscarinic receptor antagonism causes a functional alteration in nucleus accumbens mu-opiate-mediated feeding behavior. Behav Brain Res. 197:225-229. PMCID: PMC2657318