Shihu Sun, PhD

Graduation: 05/2012
Advisor: Chapman, Edwin
Current Position: Investment and Business Development
InnoSpring, Inc.
Santa Clara, CA
Research Interest: Structure, function, and dynamics of the exocytotic membrane
Email: shihu (dot) sun (at) gmail (dot) com

Alumni News

  • Shihu Sun is currently employed in the Investment and Business Development Department at InnoSpring, the US-China Startup Incubator, in Santa Clara, California. An update from Shihu about her current work, which began in January of 2013:
    • “Basically I am responsible to select startups to invest in for two super angel funds, InnoSpring’s Seed Fund and TEEC Angel Fund, and also help the negotiation and closing of the investment process. InnoSpring is the first US-China high tech incubator and accelerator in the Silicon Valley, I also help to build our accelerator program as well.”


  • Sun S, Tepp WH, Johnson EA, and Chapman ER(2012). Botulinum Neurotoxins B and E Translocate at Different Rates and Exhibit Divergent Responses to GT1b and Low pH. Biochemistry 51: 5655–5662. PMCID: PMC3398548
  • Sun S, Suresh S, Liu H, Tepp WH, Johnson EA, Edwardson JM, and Chapman ER (2011). Receptor binding enables botulinum neurotoxin B to sense low pH for translocation channel assembly. Cell Host Microbe. 10:237-247. PMCID: PMC3243646
  • Wang D, Zhang Z, Dong M, Sun S, Chapman ER, and Jackson MB (2011).Syntaxin requirement for Ca2+-triggered exocytosis in neurons and endocrine cells demonstrated with an engineered neurotoxin. Biochemistry. 50:2711-2713. PMCID: PMC3072107