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Current MCP Students

  Student Name E-mail Address Faculty Advisor Research Interests
Kristen Andersen Andersen, Kristen Raines Synthesizing ubiquitin chains and studying their roles in the cell.
Ryan Behrens Behrens, Ryan

Sherer Defining host-specific cellular factors that modulate HIV-1 replication: CRM1-mediated nuclear export of HIV-1 components.
Sarang Brahma Brahma, Sarang

Burkard To study the phosphorylation events and protein kinases involved in cytokinesis
Eric Britigan Britigan,
Eric M. Weaver The role of p19ARF in mitosis
Alex Carlson Carlson, Alex Pike Transcriptional regulation of genes involved in maintaining serum and bone mineral homeostasis
Ryan Chaffee Chaffee, Ryan J. Yin

Molecular signaling pathways in Drosophila models of neurodegenerative disorders

Cho Eunjin Cho, Eunjin Y S Lee Transcriptional control of normal cardiovascular development and function.
Ishani De De, Ishani Collier Investigating the role of CSF-1 and microglia in gliomagenesis in in-vivo models.
Tyler Duellman Duellman, Tyler Yang Functional significance of the genetic variation in MMP9
Mark Eichelberg Eichelberg, Mark Rotating  
Jospeh Esquibel Esquibel, Joseph Martin Creation of a fluorescence anisotropy assay to study VAMP2 inclusion into the t-SNARE heterodimer
Chantell Evans Evans, Chantell Chapman Investigating the role of synaptotagmin in SNARE mediated membrane fusion
Garnett, Emily Raines Exploring biological roles of ribonuclease 1
Zach Gregorich Gregorich, Zachery R. Ying Ge G-protein coupled receptor signaling and top-down proteomics of myofilaments in heart failure
Mike Hanna Hanna, Michael Audhya Vesicular trafficking from the ER: mechanisms of the C. Elegans Coat protein complex II (COPII) at ER-exit sites and tfg-1
Hornung, Megan Jorgensen

Understanding the relationship between Wnt signaling and two Iriquois Homeobox Transcription factors, Irx3 and Irx5, in the development of the mouse ovary

Jeffrey Jones Jones, Jeffrey R. Zhang

Investigating the link between astrocytes and motor neuron survival in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Oisun Jung Jung, Oisun Rapraeger The syndecan family of matrix receptors and synstatin therapeutic peptide in Multiple Myeloma.
Stacey Kigar Kigar, Stacey



Early gene-environment interactions in the developing rat brain cause sexually dimorphic gene expression; implications for behavior and metabolism.
Pratik Lalit Lalit, Pratik A. Kamp Characterization of a cardiac progenitor identified by a SRF-cardiac specific enhancer & TF mediated reprogramming to cardiac progenitors
Walatta Mesquitta Mesquitta, Walatta. Rotating  
Kassondra Meyer Meyer, Kassondra M. Roopra Low estrogen response in breast cancer cells lacking full length REST
Kevin Oelstrom Oelstrom, Kevin M. Chanda Understanding the molecular mechanisms of gating in voltage-dependent ion channels.
Joe Pasquarella Pasquarella, Joseph

Kalejta Studying the modes of pathogenicity of HCMV infection.
Natalie Patzlaff Patzlaff, Natalie Xinyo Zhao The Role of the Fragile X Protein family in Adult Neurogenesis
Lindsey Roper Roper, Lindsey Chapman The Cell Biology of Synaptotagmin Isoforms
Schaenzer, Adam Striker

Understanding the role of PASTA-kinases in bacterial antibiotic resistance

Joe Szulczewski Szulczewski, Joseph Keely Studying how collagen reorganization leads to the progression of breast cancer
Xiaojun Tan Tan, Xiaojun Anderson The epidermal growth factor receptro (EGFR) is a critical receptor.
Lucas Tomko Tomko, Lucas A. Keely Focusing on cellular interactions with the extracellular matrix (ECM)
Khoa Tran Tran, Khoa A. Sridharan Understanding epigenetic modifications during cellular reprogramming.
Marites Woon Woon, Marites Balijepalli Ion channel regulation in cardiac hypertrophy.
Lauren Zasadil Zasadil, Lauren Weaver The effects that paclitaxel has on chromosome segregation during mitosis.
Lihong Zhan Zhan, Lihong Tibbetts Role of B56 gamma in DNA damage response pathway.