Fall 2010 Signal Transduction Research Training Symposium

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 : Fluno Center, Madison, WI

jorgensenThe ninth annual signal transduction research training symposium will be held on Tuesday, October 12, 2010 at the Fluno Center. It will be a full day that includes a Keynote address by Dr. Erik Jorgensen, HHMI Investigator and Professor in Department of Biology, University of Utah.

There will be 7 short talks (25 minutes) by students and postdocs, one poster session, a career panel and an informal reception. The day will include a continental breakfast, lunch and an afternoon break. Contact Lynn Squire at lsquire@wisc.edu to register.

8:00-9:00 am Registration – Coffee with Continental Breakfast (2nd Floor)

9:00-9:10 Opening Remarks and Welcome by Dr. Jon Audhya – Chair, Symposium Committee, Assistant Professor, Department of Biomolecular Chemistry

Session Chair: Dr. Arnold Ruoho, Professor of Pharmacology

9:10-9:35 Development of a mouse model of extreme behavioral inhibition to examine the molecular underpinnings of anxiety-related psychopathology

Chao Qi – Laboratory of Dr.Ned Kalin – MCP Program/Department of Psychiatry

9:40-10:05 Metabolic regulation of synaptic plasticity by the energy sensor AMPK

Wyatt Potter – Laboratory of Dr. Avtar Roopra – Neuroscience Training Program

10:10-10:35 Novel Roles of F-BAR Proteins in Growth Cone Morphology, Axonal Outgrowth and Branching

Dr. Witchuda Saengsawang Laboratory of Dr. Erik W. Dent -Department of Anatomy

10:40-11:05 Ubiquilin Modifies TDP-43 Toxicity in a Drosophila Model of ALS

Keith Hanson – Laboratory of Dr. Randal Tibbetts-MCP Program/Dept of Pharmacology

11:05-12:00 Poster Session – Main Lobby – Coffee Break – 2nd Floor

Introduction: Dr. Ed Chapman


Clathrin is Not Required for Clathrin-Mediated Exocytosis

Dr. Erik Jorgensen

HHMI Investigator and Professor

Department of Biology at the University of Utah

1:00-2:00 LUNCH – Main Floor Dining Room

Session Chair: Dr. Meyer Jackson, Professor of Physiology

2:00-2:25 CAPS Primes Vesicles for Ca2+ -triggered Exocytosis through SNARE Protein Interactions

Neil Daily – Laboratory of Dr. Thomas F.J. Martin – MCP Program/Dept of Biochemistry

2:30-2:55 The Small GTPase Rab11b Promotes Degradation of

Surface Membrane L-type Cav1.2 Channels

Jabe Best Laboratory of Dr. Timothy Kamp – MCP Program/Department of Medicine

3:00-3:25 Regulation of microRNA expression by the 26S proteasome

Ginny Powers – Laboratory of Dr. Elaine Alarid -MCP Program/Dept of Oncology

3:30-4:30 Career Panel

Russell Feirer, Ph.D – Associate Professor of Biology, St. Norbert College

Martin Ensenberger, Ph.D. – Senior Research Scientist, Promega

Adriana Alejandro, Ph.D. – Principal, Alejandro Consulting Group, LLC

Karen LeCuyer, Ph.D. – Associate, Cantor Colburn LLP

Suzanne M Norvell, Ph.D. – Senior Research Biologist, Abbott Laboratories

Erik Jorgensen, Ph.D. – HHMI Investigator and Professor, University of Utah

4:30-4:45 Final Remarks – Dr. Jon Audhya

Informal Reception following at Dotty’s Dumpling across Francis Street