Fall 2014 Weekly Seminar Schedule

All seminars will be held on Mondays from 12:00 – 1:15 PM in room 1345 HSLC, unless otherwise noted.





1 9/8/14

Jon Audhya, PhD, Associate Professor of Biomolecular Chemistry, Director of CTPDD

“The MCP Program: A vision for the future”

2 9/15/14 7th

Joseph Esquibel

“CAPS, a key priming factor for regulated exocytosis, organizes t-SNAREs prior to SNARE complex assembly”

Martin – Biochemistry
3 9/22/14 2nd

Ryan Behrens

“Exploring the Potential of the CRM1 Nuclear Export Receptor as a Target for Anti-HIV Therapeutics”

Joseph Szulczewski

“Intravital imaging of the tumor microenvironment in breast cancer”

Sherer – Oncology/Virology

Keely – Cell & Regenerative Biology

4 9/29/14 4th

Kristin Andersen

“Developing new tools for chemical biology”

Raines – Biochemistry
5 10/06/14

Invited speaker from WARF, TBD

“Protecting your science and intellectual property”

6 10/13/14 5th

Eric Britigan

“The ARF tumor suppressor prevents chromosomal instability and ensures mitotic checkpoint fidelity through regulation of Aurora B”

Weaver – Cell & Regenerative Biology
7 10/20/14 6th

Lihong Zhan

“Opposing roles of SAPKs p38 and JNK in a Drosophila model of TDP-43 proteinopathy reveal oxidative stress and neuroinflammation as pathogenic components of ALS”

Tibbetts – Human Oncology
8 10/27/14 5th

Chantell Evans

“Understanding the Ca2+ binding requirements for synaptotagmin-I activation.”

Chapman – Neuroscience
9 11/03/14 Michelle Kimple, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine-Endocrinology MichelleKimple
10 11/10/14 5th

Stacey Kigar

“Early-life stress and its impact on the adolescent amygdala”

Auger – Psychology
11 11/17/14 5th Lindsey Roper
“The role of the synaptotagmin family members in controlling hormones release from the anterior pituitary gland”
Chapman – Neuroscience
12 11/24/14 5th Xiaojun Tan
“A kinase-independent role for EGF Receptor in autophagy initiation”
Anderson – Administration
13 12/01/14 5th

Pratik Lalit

“Lineage Reprogramming of Fibroblasts To Proliferative And Multipotent Induced Cardiac Progenitor Cells by Defined Factors”

Kamp – Medicine/Cardiology
14 12/08/14 Dudley Lamming, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine-Endocrinology
“Unleashing the therapeutic potential of mTORC1 inhibition for age-related diseases”