Delana (Hopkins) Butz, PhD

Position title: Associate Group Leader, Pharmaceutical Product Development, Middleton, WI


Phone: Advisor: Dr. Daniel Greenspan

Graduation: 11/2009
Research Interest: Stability programs for drugs either in clinical trials or on the market

Delana Hopkins Butz

Alumni News

  • Currently: Delana is a Senior Scientist at Pharmaceutical Product Development, a contract research organization in Middleton.  I develop, optimize and qualify cell based potency assays for assessing the stability of drugs.  This is a cGMP facility that handles stability programs for drugs either in clinical trials or on the market.
  • Previous employment: Post-Doctoral Fellow – Dr. Corinna Burger’s Lab, Dept of Neurology, UW-Madison ; Characterization of nove Col5a3 knockout and TII1 conditional knockout mice.


  • Huang G, Ge G, Wang D, Gopalakrishnan B, Butz DH, Colman RJ, Nagy A, and Greenspan DS. (2011) α3(V) collagen is critical for glucose homeostasis in mice due to effects in pancreatic islets and peripheral tissues. J Clin Invest. 121:769-783.PMID: 21293061 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]
  • Hopkins DR, Keles S, and Greenspan DS.  (2007) The bone morphogenetic protein 1/Tolloid-like metalloproteinases,  Matrix Biol. 26:508-523.
  • Ge G, Hopkins DR, Ho WB, and Greenspan DS. (2005)  GDF11 forms a bone morphogenetic protein 1-activated latent complex that can modulate nerve growth factor-induced differentiation of PC12 cells.  Mol Cell Biol 25:5846-5858.   PMID: 15988002
  • Ge G, Seo NS, Liang X, Hopkins DR, Hook M, and Greenspan DS. (2004) Bone morphogenetic protein-1/tolloid-related metalloprotein-ases process osteoglycin and enhance its ability to regulate collagen fibrillogenesis J Biol Chem 279:41626-41633.   PMID: 15292192