Neil Daily, PhD

Position title: R&D Scientist at InvivoSciences, Inc., Madison, WI


Phone: Advisor: Dr. Thomas Martin

Graduation: 11/2013
Research Interest: CAPS interacts with SNARE proteins to enable vesicle membrane fusion

Neil Daily

Alumni News

  • Wisconsin Entrepreneurial Bootcamp at University of Wisconsin-Madison: June 2013– June 2013
    • A one-week intensive training program in business entrepreneurship for graduate students in science, engineering, and math held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business.
  • Graduate Student/Reserch Assistant at University of Wisconsin-Madison:2005– 2013
    • Research into the mechanisms of regulated exocytosis, involving the function of priming factors with the SNARE proteins, the scaffolds for membrane fusion, to enable vesicle membrane fusion. Research was under the direction of Prof. Thomas Martin


  • James DJ, Boswell KL, Martin TF, and Daily N (2010). Novel interactions of CAPS with the three neuronal SNARE proteins required for vesicle fusion.Journal of Biological Chemistry.
  • Martin TF, Petrie M, Kowalchyk J, James DJ, and Daily N (2009). CAPS drives trans-SNARE complex formation and membrane fusion through syntaxin interactions. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences