Renee (Dierckman) Doughman, PhD

Position title: Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Division of Oncology, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Clinical Management and Research Support Core


Phone: Advisor: Dr. Richard Anderson

Graduation: 08/2003
Research Interest: Functional diversity and local PI45P2 synthesis define phosphatidylinositol phosphate kinases

Renee Doughman

Alumni News

  • I am a highly motivated Clinical Research Professional with 4 years of experience in managing Oncology clinical trials. My professional interests include regulatory oversight and monitoring of clinical trials to ensure the collection of quality data and protection of the study participants. As a leader within the Regulatory Group, I have worked to improve efficiencies while maintaining high quality work. I serve as a resource for the research team regarding protocol compliance and adverse event reporting.
  • Protocol development – review and maintenance of oncology protocols for investigator initiated trials including FDA submissions.
  • Working knowledge of FDA and OHRE regulations and ICH guidelines
  • Manage Oncology Research Studies including Pharmaceutical, Investigator initiated and cooperative trials.
  • I would be happy to be a contact for students interested in career development information.


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