Tyler Duellman, PhD

Position title: Research Scientist, Exact Sciences

Email: tduellman@wisc.edu

Phone: Advisor: Dr. Jay Yang

Graduation: 08/2014
Research Interest: Understanding the role genetic variation plays in altering gene regulation

Tyler Duellman


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  • Duellman T, Burnett J. Yang J. (2015) Functional roles on individual N-linked glycosylation sites within matrix metalloproteinase-9. Traffic, in submission.
  • Duellman T, Burnett J, Yang J. (2015). The lectin carrier protein, ERGIC-53, allows efficient MMP-9 secretion. Journal of Cell Science, in preparation
  • Schomberg D, Miranpuri G, Duellman T, Crowell A, Vemuganti R, Resnick D. (2015) Spinal cord induced neuropathic pain: molecular
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  • Kim HT, Uchimoto K, Duellman T, Yang J. (2015) Automated assessment of spontaneous pain in rats using a modified static weight-bearing test. Neuroscience Methods, in submission.
  • Duellman T, Warren C. Yang J. (2015) Transcriptional activation of multiple TIMPs utilizing CRISPR:Cas9. in preparation.
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  • Duellman T, Warren C, Matsumura J, Yang J. (2014) Analysis of multiple genetic polymorphisms in aggressive- and slow-growing abdominal aortic aneurysms. Journal of Vascular Surgery. 60(3): 613-621.
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