Tyler Duellman, PhD

Position title: Development Scientist, HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) Lab, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UW Hospital and Clinics

Email: tduellman@wisc.edu

Phone: Advisor: Dr. Jay Yang

Graduation: 08/2014
Research Interest: Understanding the role genetic variation plays in altering gene regulation

Tyler Duellman

Alumni News

  • Tyler is currently a development scientist in the HLA lab (which tests for compatibility between donors and recipients for organ donation) at UW Hospital and Clinics. He is responsible for most of the technology and instrument validation that comes into the lab and is beginning to initiate some clinical studies.


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  • Duellman T, Burnett J. Yang J. (2015) Functional roles on individual N-linked glycosylation sites within matrix metalloproteinase-9. Traffic, in submission.
  • Duellman T, Burnett J, Yang J. (2015). The lectin carrier protein, ERGIC-53, allows efficient MMP-9 secretion. Journal of Cell Science, in preparation
  • Schomberg D, Miranpuri G, Duellman T, Crowell A, Vemuganti R, Resnick D. (2015) Spinal cord induced neuropathic pain: molecular
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  • Kim HT, Uchimoto K, Duellman T, Yang J. (2015) Automated assessment of spontaneous pain in rats using a modified static weight-bearing test. Neuroscience Methods, in submission.
  • Duellman T, Warren C. Yang J. (2015) Transcriptional activation of multiple TIMPs utilizing CRISPR:Cas9. in preparation.
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