Dominique Fontanilla, PhD

Position title: Senior Director, Head of Datamonitor Healthcare (Citeline) Chicago, IL

Phone: Advisor: Dr. Arnold Ruoho

Graduation: 04/2010
Research Interest: Pharmacology and functional characterization of the sigma-1 receptor

Dominique Fontanilla


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  • Hajipour AR, Fontanilla D, Chu UB, Arbabian M, and Ruoho AE (2010).Synthesis and Characterization of N, N’-dialkyl and N-alkyl-N‘-aralkyl Fenpropimorph-derived Compounds as High Affinity Ligands for Sigma Receptors. Bioorg Med Chem. 18:4397-4404. PMCID:PMC3565575
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  • Fontanilla D, Hajipour AR, Pal A, Chu UB, Arbabian M, and Ruoho AE (2008). Probing the steroid binding domain-like I (SBDLI) of the ˆ-1 receptor binding site using N-substituted photoaffinity labels. Biochemistry 47:7205- 7217.  PMCID:PMC3250216
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