Joan Jorgensen, DVM, PhD

Position title: Professor, Comparative Biosciences


Phone: 608-890-2337

4345c Veterinary Medicine Building
2015 Linden Dr.

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Jorgensen Lab
Joan Jorgensen

Research Interests

The major goals of my research have been to discover local cell-cell interactions and molecular mechanisms that are used to establish the nascent ovarian follicle niche during follicle development, control the onset and maintenance of fetal testosterone synthesis, and stimulate the acquisition of steroidogenic activity within rogue prostate cancer cells.

Honors & Awards

  • 2014- Early Stage Reviewer for National Institutes of Health, Cellular, Molecular and Integrative Reproduction Study Section (NIH-CMIR)
  • 2007 – Dr. Gordon & Mrs. Helen Kruger Distinguished Teacher Award, University of Illinois
  • 2007 – Carl J. Norden/Pfizer Distinguished Teacher Award, University of Illinois
  • 2004 – Arnold O. Beckman Research Award, University of Illinois

Selected Publications

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  • Fu A, Oberholtzer SM, Bagheri-Fam S, Rastetter RH, Holdreith C, Caceres VL, John SV, Shaw SA, Krentz KJ, Zhang X, Hui CC, Wilhelm D, Jorgensen JS. 2018 Dynamic Expression Patterns of Irx3 and Irx5 During Germline Nest Breakdown and Primordial Follicle Formation Promote Follicle Survival in Mouse Ovaries. PLoS Genetics. 14(8): e1007488.
  • Jorgensen JS, Fu A, Hornung M. 2018. Female Sex Determination: Molecular. In M.K. Skinner (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Reproduction vol. 2, pp. 57–64. Academic Press: Elsevier.