David Kosoff, PhD

Position title: Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine

Email: dkosoff1@medicine.wisc.edu

Clinical Science Center
600 Highland Ave
Madison, WI 53792

David Kosoff

Research Interests

The Kosoff Lab is focused on developing new therapeutic strategies for cancer treatment. Our primary research interest is the tumor microenvironment (TME), which is the array of non-malignant cells (immune cells, stromal cells, etc.) and stroma that support cancer progression and the development of therapeutic resistance. Our research is aimed at identifying the chemical and mechanical pathways that drive TME-mediated tumor progression and developing therapeutic strategies to target those pathways. This research is supported by a close collaboration with the Biomedical Engineering laboratory of Dr. David Beebe. Together, we have developed novel microfluidic cell culture technologies, which enable advanced modeling and analysis of multi-cellular environments. We have leveraged these microfluidic technologies to investigate various aspects of the TME, including the factors that modulate tumor-directed immune responses, the combined effects of chemical and mechanical stimuli on TME cell phenotype, and the efficacy of TME-directed therapeutic strategies. The members of our lab are continuing to build on this work with the goal of translating our findings into early phase clinical trials.

Selected Publications

Kosoff D, Krueger T, Lang JM. Targeting epigenetic mechanisms for clinical translation: enhancing the efficacy of tumor immunotherapies. Immunotherapy. 2013 Nov;5(11):1243-54. PMID: 24188678

Kosoff D, Yu J, Suresh V, Beebe DJ, Lang JM. Surface topography and hydrophilicity regulate macrophage phenotype in milled microfluidic systems. Lab Chip. 2018 Sep 26;18(19):3011-3017. PMID: 30131982; PMCID: PMC6178814

Kosoff D, Lang JM. Development and translation of novel therapeutics targeting tumor-associated macrophages. Urol Oncol. 2019 Aug;37(8):556-562. PMID: 30458979; PMCID: PMC6525088 [Available on 2020-08-01]

Heninger E, Sethakorn N, Kosoff D, Hematti P, Pienta K, Lang JM. Immune Profiling of the bone marrow immune microenvironment in patients with high-risk localized prostate cancer. Oncotarget. 2020; 11:4253-4265. PMID: 33245727: PMCID: 7679037