Sujatha (Venkataraman) Kumar, PhD

Position title: Senior Scientist, Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA


Phone: Advisor: Dr. Randal Tibbetts

Graduation: 03/2006

Sujatha Kumar

Alumni News

  • Research Interests: Development of in vitro cell-free and cell-based assays for evaluating the roles of Tetracycline derivatives in Inflammatory diseases and Spinal muscular atrophy–Momenta’s integrated technology platform links structure and function through a combination of approaches and tools. The end result is a thorough characterization of complex heparin sulfate proteoglycan (HSPG), polypeptide, and protein products. The process consists of:
    • Breaking down the componentsof a complex molecule into smaller, more measurable units using our comprehensive library of enzymes
    • Gathering and analyzing informationregarding the molecular components, structure and arrangement of the chemical building blocks that comprise these complex molecules using innovative analytical approaches
    • Applying proprietary mathematicalmodelingto describe the composition of each complex molecule candidate and help guide the understanding of the structural analysis

    While a similar integrated analytical approach is applied to each drug under development, a unique characterization toolkit is developed for each specific complex molecule.

  • Skills: Drug discovery, cell culture, ELISA, Molecular Biology, Flow Cytometry, In Vivo, Tissue Culture, Biotechnology, qPCR


  • Kumar S, Dodson GE, Trinh A, Puchalski JR, and Tibbetts RS (2005). ATR activation necessary but not sufficient for p53 induction and apoptosis in hydroxyurea-hypersensitive myeloid leukemia cells. Cell Cycle. 4:1667-1674. PMID:16258278
  • Shi Y, Venkataraman S, Dodson GE, Mabb AM, LeBlanc S, and Tibbetts, RS. (2004). Direct regulation of CREB transcriptional activity by ATM in response to genotoxic stress. PNAS. 101:5898-5903. PDF PMCID: PMC395895