Gennifer Mager, PhD

Position title: Assistant Teaching Professor of Biology, Ball State University


Phone: Advisor: Dr. John Svaren

Graduation: 06/2007

Gennifer Mager


  • Mager, G.M., Ward, R.M., Jang, S.W., Wrabetz, L., and Svaren, J. (2008) Active gene repression by the Egr2.NAB complex during peripheral nerve myelination, Journal of Biological Chemistry 283(26): 18187-97.
  • Jones, E., Jang, S.W., Mager, G.M., Chang, L., Srinivasan, R., Gokey, N., Ward, R.M., Nagarajan, R., and Svaren, J.P. (2007) Interactions of Sox10 and Egr2 in Myelin Gene Regulation, Neuron Glia Biology 3(4): 377-387.
  • Mager, G.M.*, Srinivasan, R.*, Ward, R.M., Mayer, J., and Svaren, J. (2006) Nab2 represses transcription by interacting with the CHD4 subunit of the NuRD complex, Journal of Biological Chemistry, 281(22): 15129-37.
  • LeBlanc, S.E., Srinivasan, R., Ferri, C., Mager, G.M., Gillian-Daniel, A.L., Wrabetz, L., and Svaren, J. (2005) Regulation of lipid/cholesterol biosynthetic genes by Egr2/Krox-20 and the SREBP pathway during peripheral nerve myelination, Journal of Neurochemistry, 93:737-748.
  • Reber, KM, Mager, G.M., Miller, C.E., and Nowicki, P.T. (2001) Relationship between flow rate and NO production in postnatal mesenteric arteries. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol, 280: G43-50.

*both authors contributed equally to this work