Matthew Marengo, PhD

Position title: Discovery Team Lead, Enabling Technologies, Bayer Crop Science, St. Louis, MO


Phone: Advisor: Dr. David Wassarman

Graduation: 07/2008
Research Interest: Tissue-specific gene expression in model and crop plants, molecular mechanisms that lead to specificity

Matthew Marengo

Alumni News

  • Matthew recently received a patent – Marengo, M.S., and Garcia-Blanco, M.A., inventors; Duke University, assignee. (2016). Synthetic regulation of gene expression. US patent 9,284,575.
  • Matthew Marengo previously worked at GrassRoots Biotechnology: GrassRoots’ mission is to employ cutting-edge expertise in agricultural biotechnology to create better biofuel, food and industrial crops. GrassRoots is an agricultural biotechnology company that utilizes a Systems Biology approach to develop novel and valuable crop lines for the biofuel, food and industrial markets. The company, formed in 2007, intends to commercialize innovations and expertise developed by Dr. Philip Benfey at Duke University. Dr. Benfey is one of the world leaders in the fields of genomics and development. His research in the areas of plant genomics and plant root development form the core of our technologies, which will provide a competitive advantage in bringing new products to the agricultural markets.
  • Formerly:Research Fellow at Duke University Medical Center from September 2008 – December 2011 (3 years 4 months) Matt studied how signaling pathways in the tumor microenvironment regulate gene expression at the level of alternative splicing.
  • Fellowships:
    • Campus wide: 1 year of T32 Molecular Cancer Training Grant funding.
    • National: 2 years of NRSA (limited to 2 because of T32 above).


Barten, T.Y., Brown, A.N., Cargill, E.J., Fouquet, R., Gomez, J.R., Marengo, M.S., Garcia, M.O., Peever, J.M., Yang, D.H., inventors; Monsanto Technology LLC, assignee. (2019). Methods and compositions for producing brachytic corn plants. US patent 10,472,684.

Patent Applications

Bowen, D.J, Chay, C.A., Howe, A.R., Marengo, M.S., Meyer, J., Milligan, J.S., Weiner, B.E., inventors; Monsanto Technology LLC, assignee. (2021). Novel insect inhibitory proteins. US patent application 17/556,428.

Bauer, M.J., Kanizay, L., Lamb, J., Marengo, M.S., O’Brien, B.O., inventors; Monsanto Technology LLC, assignee. (2021). Increasing gene editing and site-directed integration events utilizing meiotic and germline promoters. US patent application 17/470,784.


  • To, J.P.C., Davis, I.W., Marengo, M.S., Shariff, A.S., Baublite, C., Decker, K., Galvão, R. M., Gao, Z., Haragutchi, O., Jung, J.W., Li, H., O’Brien, B., Sant, A., and Elich, T.D. (2021). Expression Elements Derived From Plant Sequences Provide Effective Gene Expression Regulation and New Opportunities for Plant Biotechnology Traits. Front. Plant Sci. 12, 712179.
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    derepresses exon inclusion in Drosophila TAF1 alternative pre-mRNA splicing. RNA. 14:1681-1695. PMCID: PMC2491473
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  • Wagner ED, Marengo MS, and Plewa MJ (2003). Modulation of the mutagenicity of heterocyclic amines by organophosphate insecticides and their metabolites. Mutat Res. 536:103-115.