Chao Qi, JD, PhD, MBA

Position title: Director, IP Management, GHB Intellect


Phone: Advisor: Dr. Ned Kalin

Graduation: 05/2011

Chao Qi


  • Qi C, Roseboom PH, Nanda SA, Lane JC, Speers JM, and Kalin NH (2010).Anxiety-related behavioral inhibition in rats: a model to examine mechanisms underlying the risk to develop stress-related psychopathology. Genes Brain Behav. 9:974-984. PMCID: PMC2975876
  • Nanda SA, Qi C, Roseboom PH, and Kalin NH (2008). Predator stress induces behavioral inhibition and amygdala somatostatin receptor 2 gene expression.Genes Brain Behav. 7:639-648. PMCID: PMC2776032