David Thiriot, PhD

Position title: Principal Scientist, Vaccine Research and Development at Merck, Greater Philadelphia Area

Phone: Advisor: Dr. Arnold Ruoho

Graduation: 07/2001

David Thiriot

Alumni News

  • Vaccine and Therapeutic Proteins Formulation Research and Development at Merck
  • Post-doctoral Fellow with Stanley Opella, University of California, 2001-2005


  • Salnikova MS, Davis H, Mensch C, Celano L, and Thiriot DS (2012). Influence of formulation pH and suspension state on freezing-induced agglomeration of aluminum adjuvants. J Pharm Sci. 101:1050-62. Epub 2011 Nov 23. PMID:22113733
  • Thiriot DS, Nevzorov AA, and Opella SJ (2005). Structural basis of the temperature transition of Pf1 bacteriophage. Protein Sci. 14:1064-1070. PDFPMCID: PMC2253442
  • Thiriot DS, Nevzorov AA, Zagyanskiy L, Wu CH, and Opella SJ (2004).Structure of the coat protein in Pf1 bacteriophage determined by solid-state NMR spectroscopy. J Mol Biol. 341:869-879. PDF PMID:15288792
  • Mesleh MF, Lee S, Veglia G, Thiriot DS, Marassi F, and Opella SJ (2003).Dipolar Waves Map the Structure and Topology of Helices in Membrane Proteins. J Am Chem Soc. 125:8928-8935. PDF PMCID: PMC3272074
  • Thiriot DS, Sievert MK, and Ruoho AE (2002). Identification of Human Vesicle Monoamine Transporter (VMAT2) Lumenal Cysteines Which Form an Intramolecular Disulfide Bond. Biochem. 41:6346-6353. PDF PMID:12009896
  • Thiriot DS and Ruoho AE (2001). Mutagenesis and Derivatization of Human VMAT2 Cysteines Identifies Transporter Domains Involved in Tetrabenazine Binding and Substrate Transport. J Biol Chem. 276:27304-27315. PDFPMID:11375404
  • Wu Z, Thiriot DS, and Ruoho AE (2001). Tyrosine 199 in Transmembrane Five of the b2-Adrenergic Receptor Interacts Directly with the Pharmacophore of a Unique Fluorenone-Based Antagonist. Biochem. 354:485-491. PDF PMCID: PMC1221679
  • Rong Y, Arbabian M, Thiriot DS, Seibold A, Clark RB, and Ruoho AE (1999).Probing the Salmeterol Binding Site on the b2-Adrenergic Receptor Using a Novel Photoaffinity Ligand, [125I]Iodoazidosalmeterol.  Biochem. 38:11278-11286. PDF PMID:10471277
  • Sievert MK, Thiriot DS, Edwards RH, and Ruoho AE (1998). High-Efficiency Expression and Characterization of the Synaptic-Vesicle Monoamine Translocator from Baculovirus-Infacted Insect Cells. Biochem. 330:959-966. PDF PMCID: PMC1219231