Mostafa Zamanian, PhD

Position title: Associate Professor, Department of Pathobiological Sciences


Website: Zamanian Lab

Phone: 608-262-0311

1656 Linden Drive

Mostafa Zamanian

Research Interests

Our laboratory studies neglected parasitic diseases that impose a debilitating health and economic burden throughout much of the world. These poverty associated diseases infect over 1.5 billion humans and related parasites pose a major challenge to animal and plant health. Our central ambition is to combine molecular, genetics, and pharmacological approaches to make discoveries that improve our understanding of basic parasite biology and host-parasite interactions, as well as our ability to treat parasitic infections. This includes developing new approaches for target-based and whole-organism anthelmintic discovery, elucidating mechanisms of drug action and resistance, and introducing new genomic and experimental tools to facilitate these goals. We directly study human and animal parasites, including those transmitted by insect and soil. To complement these efforts, we leverage the powerful model organism Caenorhabditis elegans.

Selected Publications

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